Mo Salah of Liverpool Breaks Down Cultural Barriers, One Goal at a Time

U.K. and Europe hanging themselves by normalising Islamism
One man, the footballer Mo Salah, Liverpool's Egyptian striker, "embodies Islam's values". So we are told in the New York Times.
But the terrorists of ISIS, of al Qaeda, pf al Shabab, of Boko Haram, of the Taliban, these terrorists with their tens of thousands of devout followers, Korans in their kits... why these murderers have "nothing to do with Islam". Neither do the tens of millions Muslims who follow the teachings of sheik al-Qaradawi, who preaches the genocide of jews and the subjugation of infidels; no, they have been "misled", their thoughts "hijacked". 
Repeat after me: Islam is the "Religion of Peace". 
This New York Times article is a shocking example of the fallacy of generalising from anecdote. 
Note that Mo is being promoted by the Muslim Council of Britain a dodgy organisation with a history of Islamism. 
Further down the article there's mention of "hate crimes" against Muslims, as alleged by the Muslim lobby group Tell MAMA. Not mentioned is that this outfit was defunded by the U.K. government a few years ago for inflating hate crime figures. 
The article might also have mentioned, for context, that hate crimes against Jews remain higher in absolute terms than those against Muslims, and in proportionate terms many multiples of them. That's "whataboutery" I know, but surely relevant context. 
(By the way, the hate crime stats for Jews vs Muslims are true for both the United States and the U.K.) 
Then there's the whole issue of "islamophobia". This term should be dropped and the phrase "anti Muslim bigotry" used instead. Because there's no doubt that the likes of the MCB use "Islamophobia" to silence legitimate criticism of Islam as an idea. This is very different from bigotry against individual Muslims, which must surely be fought as should all bigotry against any marginalised group in society. 
And finally there's the issue of Mo Salah prostrating himself in prayer on the field. The crowd is hushed in respect.  But aren't there rules against this sort of thing? And remember in the "other" football, American, the mocking of Tim Tebow who used to kneel in prayer? More double standard. 
I'm afraid this article is another example of the poor and biased reporting of the New York Times
And the Times' tawdry history of normalising the march of Islamism. 

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