Laughing with Diamond and Silk - Lexington

Laughing with Diamond and Silk - Lexington
Joke? True feelings?
[quote from article below] 
... the racial battle-lines Mr Trump has drawn leave no room for such niceties. In reality, African-Americans always vote in line with their interests, and a president who has equivocated on white supremacist violence naturally repels them. Fully 84% consider Mr Trump racist. That represents an American tragedy, a reaffirmation of racial-political divisions from which Diamond and Silk provide no comic relief. The joke is on anyone who thinks they do.

A couple of points from the quote above, the final para on the Economist article here
"... the racial battle lines Mr Trump has drawn". Not sure how one can determine that Trump has drawn any battle lines unless you already accept that he is a racist. That might be self evident to many, bit not to me. His comments about Charlottesville were clearly of the incompetence ilk than motivated by racism. He thought there were people there, conservatives, who merely cared about the statues. And that's true. The Left thinks that the tiki-torch wielding Nazis, calling for death to Jews, were the only ones there. They weren't. They were a small minority who quite naturally garnered the most attention. 
"African-Americans always vote in line with their interests". Really? They voted Democrat which led to the greatest unintended bad consequence of a well intentioned policy ever. I'm talking of the welfare policies of the sixties. They led inter alia to an increase in single motherhood from about 10% in the sixties to about 75% today. Because single motherhood was rewarded with welfare. Studies show (...) that kids of single parents are less likely to be successful in life. African Americans tend to be culturally conservative: family and church oriented and so on. They ought to go back to voting along those lines. Then they'd also have some leverage with the Democrats, who now take their support for granted. 
"That represents and American tragedy". Curious wording that would have you think that African/Americans thinking Trump racist is the tragedy. But that's not it. You're supposed to assume, as the Economist does, that the very fact 84% of African Americans think him racist makes him racist. It doesn't.
LATER (3 June): I guess, though haven't checked, that a large percentage of African-Americans consider all Americans (at least white Americans), racist.

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