Marx is horrible for the world -- there’s *nothing* right about him

Sadly marxists still abide, anti-West, anti-capitalism
I must be one of the very few of the gaggle commenting on Marx's 200th birthday who has actually spent time in a Marxist country.  I lived and worked in China in the seventies; it cured me of my undergraduate fascination with socialism.  When Deng Xiaoping said "it doesn't matter if it's a white cat or a black cat, as long as it catches mice, it's a good cat", he let loose the hounds on Marx, to mix the animal metaphors.  And that's what has made China successful -- to raise out of poverty over 500 million people.  That was capitalism not Marx.  Xi Jinping is lauding Marx, but that's more for the Party's legitimacy, not for his economic theories.  Which stink.
Yet he won't go away.
The New York Times continues its fascination with Communism, this time in an article titled "Happy Birthday, Karl Marx", which online adds "You Were Right".  It's by an associate professor in Seoul, Jason Barker, whose Wiki entry tells us he's a marxist and hangs out with the likes of Judith Butler, a notorious post-mo marxist theorits herself, and whose "writings" I put in scare quotes, because they're basically impenetrable.  The Times might have given us a warning about Barker's leanings.
Then there's The Economist, in an article "Rulers of the world: read Karl Marx".  This one is quite insidious, because they start off with all the horrors that Marx's theories have visited on the world.  But there's the inevitable "but", and on to lauding his "genius" in coming up with his theory of class struggle and oppression, which they reckon ought to be read even today, hence the headline.
Marxism has been given a pretty fair run.  More than fair one might say. From Albania to Zaire, via Cuba, the Soviet Union, China and today's still marxist Venezuela and North Korea, not a single version of Marxism has worked.  Not one.
Why continue bashing one's head?  He's done for.  Or should be.
The ever facile penned Shapiro starts off his "Karl Marx, You Were Wrong", like this:
This week marks the birthday of one of history’s worst human beings, Karl Marx. Just because Marx’s philosophy would lead directly to the deaths of 100 million human beings over the course of a century, the imprisonment of tens of millions more in gulags and re-education camps from Russia to China to Vietnam to Cambodia to North Korea, and the oppression of hundreds of millions more hasn’t dissuaded those on the modern western left from embracing Marx’s bloody legacy. Realizing, however, that embracing Communism itself might alienate those who remember the Berlin Wall, today’s Marxists rally instead for identity politics. In the pages of the New York Times — the same newspaper that in the past two years has run opinion pieces endorsing Communism’s impact on female empowerment and female sexual activity and its inspirational effects on Americans — Kyung Hee University associate professor of philosophy Jason Barker celebrated Marx’s birthday, writing, “Happy Birthday, Karl Marx. You Were Right!”
A little more detail in David Horowitz's "Happy Birthday, Karl Marx, You Were Wrong -- And Worse", where he details his battles with the lefties on the New York Review of Books, an irredeemably leftist publication, but which can't see the obvious in front of its face, because of ideological blinders.
 Karl Marx was bad for the world. Karl Marx is bad from the world.  He should be ditched, dumped and discarded.  Why he's not leaves me bushed, buggered and bewildered.

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