Thursday, 9 June 2016

Muhammad Ali, China, Europe and the hypocrisy of the Left

By Ali's measure, many of my friends have wasted thirty years of their lives
The late great(est) Muhammad Ali coined some wonderfully quotable quotes. One of my favourites above. One I didn't quite like, about Vietnam I wrote about the other day.
Our local paper, the South China Morning Post quoted Ali about China:
"Now that you [China] are open to the world, never lose your culture, because others will try to give you their culture. It will be a great fight."
---- Muhammad Ali writing in the China Youth News, during his first visit to China 1979. (I was in Beijing at the time)
A fine sentiment. Right?  Well, that's why the Post quoted it.
But it got me thinking about Europe. Let's say someone today said the equivalent, in response to the flood of immigrants, Europe is facing.  "Europe must never lose its culture because others will try to give you their culture...."
Those "others" will immediately be understood to refer to migrants, most of them Muslim.  So the statement would lead to charges of racism, islamophobia, xenophobia, racism, from the Left.
A case in point, in the Washington Post.
To which a commenter said:
If you said Africa for Africans, the left would cheer. 
If you said Asia for Asians, the left would cheer. 
If you said Europe for Europeans, the left would call you a racist and xenophobe.

Whereas  back in '79 Ali was lauded for his sensitivity to the vibrant culture of China.
Oh, the hypocrisy.... The hypocrisy of the Left.