Thursday, 16 June 2016

Islam’s Jihad Against Homosexuals - WSJ

The wonderful Ayaan Hirsi Ali in the Wall Street Journal. Now an apostate (and under armed guard in the US for her apostasy) she was brought up a Muslim in Ethiopia, subjected to FGM, married off to an elderly uncle at age 12, before she fled to Holland and left Islam, the Religion of Peace. 
In her article:
Almost all Muslim majority countries criminalize homosexuality and in 12 of those the penalty is death. Many examples of senior Muslim authorities railing against gays and confirming the penalty of death. Example: the odious Al Qaradawi. 
Despite this, for some idiot commenters it's as if they didn't even read the article before regurgitating the usual apologia for Islam. 
Ayana's last para:
Following the horrific attack in Orlando, people as usual have been rushing to judgment. President Obama blames lax gun laws. Donald Trump blames immigration. Neither is right. There has been comparable carnage in countries with strict gun laws. The perpetrator in this case was born in the United States. This is not primarily about guns or immigration. It is about a deeply dangerous ideology that is infiltrating American society in the guise of religion. Homophobia comes in many forms. But none is more dangerous in our time than the Islamic version.

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