Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Quilliam Foundation: You can believe homosexulity is not a sin and be Muslim

From "Fasdunkle", commenter on Harry's Place, the link below, in which the Islamist outfit 5Pillars criticises Maajid Nawaz's Quilliam Foundation for suggesting that Muslims can be Muslims and also tolerant of gays.
5Pillars claim that Quilliam is funded by "Islamophobes". Which leads Fasdunkle to observe wryly that he can now go with a new definition of Islamophobic: "an irrational fear that Islam is not completely shitty".
The 5Pillars article highlights the uphill struggle reforming Muslims have. Recalling that Quilliam founder and head, Maajid Nawaz, is an ex radical Islamist, now committed to bringing Islam into the 19th century (or even the 17th or 18th, given that's it's currently trying its best to remain in the 7th). The 21st century can come later.
Nawaz is a very knowledgeable and eloquent spokesman for a kinder gentler Islam. And he gets this sort of 5Pillars shit hurled at him for his efforts. And called an "Uncle Tom" or "Native informant", by other true Muslims.
One despairs for the reformation of Islam. Luckily for us Maajid doesn't.

PS: the 5Pillars view is of course normative Islam, and a corrective for those folks who imagine that the Orlando shooting of gays by a Muslim was somehow nothing to do with Islam, but rather the actions of a mentally ill, internally conflicted gay Muslim, an action of homophobic hate. Sure that hate is there, but instilled by everything that Islam has taught him, a pious Muslim.
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