Monday, 13 June 2016

Orlando shootings: typical Muslim response

Just watching BBC's coverage of the latest Muslim shooting outrage: the killing of 50 at a gay club in Orlando.
The BBC reporter on the spot speaks to camera about the response of some Muslims. They are concerned about rising "Islamophobia" and now want to "change perceptions" of we infidels, to show that Islam is actually a "religion of peace" and that the shootings have "nothing to do with Islam". So that's the first reaction of Muslims. Not to express sadness at the shootings, sympathy for survivors or empathy for families and friends. Or even to call to their coreligionists to cease this random slaughter, let alone, heaven help us, to call for reform of the nastier aspects of Islam that encourage mass murder. No, none of this.  The reaction instead is "how does it affect me", how does this affect brand Islam?  How do I get the infidel to believe that it really, really is a "religion of peace".
Yet the young BBC lady reports all this approvingly. Of course the real victims are Muslims! she seems to think.
Meantime Obama has vowed to "follow the facts wherever they take us".  But he won't do that, will he?  For when it's clear, as it pretty much already is, that the shooter was inspired by ISIS, that is to say by a strict if severe form of Islam, nowhere will he allow the religion of peace to be put in the frame as a motivator for this atrocity.