Friday, 10 June 2016

Mass sexual assault reported at Germany music festival | Europe | News | The Independent

It was in the bloggosphere that I first read news about the most recent "mass sexual assault" by Muslim migrants in Germany. As is the case with most issues Islamic, the first one reads about them is on the blogs.  Then I searched Mr Google and found one reference in mainstream media, in The Independent of the U.K.  But nothing on BBC, CNN, CNBC, The Times, Guardian, Telegraph, The New York Times or our own South China Morning Post. Not even on Fox or in the Wall Street Journal. Not a skerrick.
In short, the news was virtually non existent in the MSM.
I wonder why.
After all, you'd think a "mass sexual assault" in the heart of Europe would be newsworthy. Can't think that it used to happen at all in the past, let alone twice in a year -- recalling that ONE THOUSAND women were sexually assaulted in Cologne over New Year's Eve. Again by Muslim asylum seekers.

Later: there's an article on this in USA Today. An article which notes no arrests have been made in the earlier Cologne debacle.