Monday, 6 January 2020

Emily Molli: Independent Journalism and the Hong Kong Protests

And my comment (at YouTube):

RE: Hong Kong protests (22’00): Emily Molli (age 12) --- who doesn’t know when the HK protests started, who doesn’t know what “universal suffrage” for HK demand means, who can’t recall correctly the “Five Demands”, who can’t tell fake news from true, who is blinded by the protesters’ “kindness” because they gave her water and snacks --- tells us (long-term residents in HK) how “brutal" and “dictatorial" the police and the government are. And how “brave” and “polite” the protesters are. This would be the same protesters who killed a bystander with a brick and set them on fire because they didn’t agree with them, the same protesters who doxx children of “blue” families, the same protesters who have bankrupted mom and pop stores, the same protesters who have caused BILLIONS of losses to our city, these protesters, these, that a “useful idiot” tells us are the heroes of the movement? And the same police, who, in seven months of protests, have killed not a single protester? And then, and then... she admits, at the end, that China will (and it *will*, eventually) exert its sovereignty over Hong Kong (a sovereignty which the whole world acknowledges), which will harm us, but only BECAUSE of the protests, and Ms Molli will fly away to her home in wherever it is in the west that she lives, to deliver us her views... on how we are suffering under the yolk of communism.... something they, the protesters, and SHE, representing the western media, helped bring about. Well done, Ms Molli. Not. There is a path to democracy for HK, and it’s not via the violent protests. I liked this vid till it got to something I know something about..... Shame on Ms Molli. Mainly for being young and naive.... (Cranky old bugger, who lives in Hong Kong)