Wednesday, 22 January 2020

‘Low information people?” The resurrection of the Deplorables

The Senate impeachment trial has started and …
…Chris Matthews, head of the MSNBC team, was on a panel just now claiming that those who don’t support the Trump impeachment are “low information people” who don’t follow the news, who prefer watching “Dancing with the Stars”.
It’s almost as if Hillary had never happened, had never called her opponents “deplorables”, had never been hammered for her sanctimonious arrogance.
This is breathtaking arrogance of a Left which has learnt nothing. Just as British Labour Party worthies have learnt nothing from their December drubbing: it’s the electorate that’s at fault, not their far-left policies or their socialist anti-semitic leader.
I don’t find the impeachment credible, but I’m not “low information” and not a Trumpisto.
Here goes, to prove it: each day I read at least four newspapers: the New York Times, the South China Morning Post, the Wall Street Journal and the Times; each week two magazines, the Economist and the Spectator, each month the Atlantic and Foreign Affairs. And each morning I watch at least four news channels, BBC, CNA, CNN and Fox. In addition I follow a number of current affairs blogs. I’ve read the Mueller Report. I’ve read Trump's transcript of his talk (the “perfect” one) with Ukrainian president Zelinski in July 2019. (Phew! thank god I’m retired…)
If I were American, in 2016 I would have voted for Hillary., though it would have been with nose firmly held, mainly because of Benghazi. I put that on record here at the time. Today, if it were Yang vs Trump I’d vote Yang. If it were Bernie vs Trump I’d vote Trump (Bernie is a tittle mad and manifestly incompetent). Any other match ups I’d need to consider.
So there.
And still I find the Democrats’ impeachment shenanigans shameful. They are clearly highly partisan. Their patronising posturings, claiming it’s a “grave and serious duty”, it’s all “very sad and very grave”, that it’s “not at all political“, all are deeply distasteful and disingenuous.
I consider myself a Dershowitz-ian. The Harvard Constitutional Law professor emeritus voted for Hillary. But is now on the Trump defence team. He was against the impeachment of Richard Nixon and against the impeachment of Bill Clinton. He was against the impeachment of  Donald Trump. He has written a book about it. He talks of the “shoe on the other foot” argument. Would you be doing whatever it is you’re doing if the shoe were on the other foot? If the president today were Hillary not Trump? Democrats? Chris Matthews? MSNBC?
Meantime, I settle down to a couple of weeks of good, live, reality theatre in the Senate. Well, live theatre, anyway.