Saturday, 11 January 2020

‘The Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act is a sledgehammer the US can use to crush Hong Kong’ | Regina Ip

The road to hell….
As I've said before the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act will lead to a less free Hong Kong, despite its well meaning intent. If it's ever implemented. Regina Ip nails it.
But if the US does make good on its threats, there can be only one consequence – the erosion of Hong Kong's international connections and access to the West, which would only result in pushing Hong Kong more in the direction of mainland China. This would be the opposite of what the act was intended to achieve.
I’m granting the well meaning intent of the Act. In fact it may, perhaps certainly does, have an agenda to constrain China. Which makes it all the more objectionable. I’m objecting to it even granting a good intent.