Thursday, 18 June 2020

Being David Sedaris and picking up rubbish

Emma Freud and David Sedaris in her kitchen
Long time fan of David Sedaris. If I could write just one sentence like one of his….
I knew he had a thing for walking along the verges near his country cottage in England and spearing up roadside rubbish. I think he’s even won an award for his work. He says he does it both because rubbish (“trash” to David) offends him and also it’s an exercise and meditation. In this BBC Radio 4 program presented by Emma Freud, he walks along a country road with Claire Balding, in 2013.
I wondered about doing the same here in Discovery Bay, Hong Kong. Good for the body and soul, what? So I’ve just ridden around with my eye to the ground. There’s nothing to pick up here. No rubbish at all, not a spec. Sad for the Sedaris solution, but surely saying something decent about our little community.