Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Brolly for Bulbuls

It's been raining for weeks. We’re trying to make Mummy Bulbul, Danni, a bit more comfy
The three new eggs, laid 3 June
They made a new nest here last week, after
they lost the chicks in the mango tree below
Our attempt to stop predators like snakes and cats. Didn’t
work as the little chicks -- Born 23 May -- disappeared after a
kerfuffle in the mango tree. Another bird? Experts say “maybe”.
Danni. Mamma Bulbul
Hector, Daddy Bulbul
We like to think that they built their new nest right next to the kitchen as they trust us. And they do trust us. When we feed them, we toss up bits of bread in the air, which they catch. Maybe we know we tried to protect their babies, last time. Maybe. And so they moved closer to us. We like to think.