Friday, 19 June 2020

Listen to School's out: the true cost of classroom closures

Lucy Kelloway was a columnist for the Financial Times (left of centre) before ditching it for a new mid-life career in teaching.
Here she talks about the dire effects of the lockdown on Britain's students. Sadly, perhaps predictably, the most affected are the least advantaged. And the effects could be for decades, even for life. 
Schools here in Hong Kong are already back. The UK not being back is down to the government having scared people witless. It's down to Boris. And it's about time school was back in.
School’s out: the true cost of classroom closures
ADDED (23 June): ‘Failure of the virtual classroomWSJ
Lucy: ‘A class apart
My comment: it seems wherever you look the education lockdown has been disastrous. Only a fifth of students, whether in the US or the UK, are paying attention and doing any online work. The rest are just skiving off.