Thursday, 30 July 2009

59 is the new 30. Yeah!

Lovely article by Thomas L. Friedman in today's International Herald Tribune, here. Contemplating Tom Watson's amazing run in the British Open:
...a 59-year-old man who had played his opening two rounds in this tournament with a 16-year-old Italian amateur — was able to best the greatest golfers in the world at least a decade after anyone would have dreamt it possible.
This wonderful but cruel game never stops testing or teaching you. “The only comment I can make,” Watson told me after, “is one that the immortal Bobby Jones related: ‘One learns from defeat, not from victory.’ I may never have the chance again to beat the kids, but I took one thing from the last hole: hitting both the tee shot and the approach shots exactly the way I meant to wasn’t good enough. ... I had to finish.”

So I went out with Kev, to the DB Golf Course and shot a 14 over.  That's 14 balls over.... over the fence, in the rough and lost.  Cruel, yes....  What I learn from defeat: buy cheap balls....