Friday, 31 July 2009

Organic food "unlikely to be of any public health relevance."

Not wanting to seem obsessed by this organic food business, but the report I mentioned yesterday appeared in today's South China Morning Post.  "The independent study, funded by the United Kingdom Food Standards Agency... concluded that organic food was "unlikely to be of any public health relevance".

The response of the director of the HK Organic Resource Centre?  "Simply comparing the nutritional breakdown of organic and inorganic food without looking into their growth background is unreliable."   What??  Parse that one (or "deconstruct" it, as the post-modernists would say).  Surely "comparing the nutritional breakdown" is exactly what we should be doing.

Anyway, in our household the order has gone out: don't buy organic, unless you have to.  There you go, that's my little revolt.

Was it X-files where they said: "I want to believe"?  Blow the evidence.