Monday, 27 July 2009

Let the '12 Campaign Begin!

In the discussion last night between our pessimist and our optimist (see below on stocks and multiples), our interlocutors agreed on one thing: Obama is not doing well; he is too professorial, not power-wielding enough.  Not a Roosevelt or Johnson.   Both thought he would be "toast" in 2012.  Who are the candidates?  For the GOP, the front runners are, amazingly enough, Romney and Palin, a Mormon and an almost-born-again.  Let the campaign begin!  Actually, it won't be long until it starts--for some, maybe, like "slutty stewardess" Sarah-- it's started already.

I then came across this link to the All Seeing Eye, comparing the last twelve presidents' approval ratings at this point of their presidencies.  Obama's is tenth.  Harry Trumans was the lowest.  The two highest were Bill Clinton and Dubya.  Their approvals both had risen immediately after an impeachment and starting a war, leading a journalist to joke that if Obama can start a war and get impeached, his approval will go over 100%.  Links at the Eye, including a fun interactive chart of presidential approval ratings....