Thursday, 30 July 2009

Hurrah for pesticides and artificial fertilisers!

I've long had a campaign in this family -- only sporadically successful -- to drink tap water and pooh-pooh organic produce.  I reckon it's all a big con.  I recall a scientist on the BBC saying that there was indeed measurable pesticide in a cauliflower he'd tested, but that you'd have to eat a truckload of it in a day for it to make any difference.  Meantime Organic Weetabix are three times as expensive as the "Original".   Three times!  I actually got some "Organic" and "Original" Weetabix tested here in Hong Kong and though there were detectable chemicals in the Original, they were in vanishingly small amounts and, like the cauliflower, you'd have to eat truckloads of it, in a day, for it to -- perhaps -- have any effect.

I just heard a report on BBC Radio (675 AM in Hong Kong), which said that a recent study of 50 years' worth of research revealed no measurable health benefits from eating "organic" food.

Even more damning: if the world shifted to organic production, we could only produce about a quarter of what we do now.  Mass famine would be the logical outcome of a leftie-greenie agenda on this organic foods wankery.

I can't find the link to the article mentioned by the BBC.  Email me if you know: peter-at-forsythe-dot-hk (my address in this format so that crawlbots don't pick up my email address for spamming)