Monday 4 September 2017

How young Chinese-Americans are embracing their identity | South China Morning Post

The Steinharts: she from Shanghai, he from Ohio
And their two "Third Culture" sons
Extract from towards the end of the article in the South China Morning Post, below: 
This online version has a lot more than in the print version which I've just read in today's print paper. 
The same holds true, one assumes -- about "reaping the benefit" -- for Asian-Australians/Brits/etc... For we have one: Chinese/Australian.
As China expands its international influence while America's dominance wanes, young Chinese-Americans – rather than struggling to fit in – are reaping the benefits of their backgrounds.
"There are more advantages than disadvantages to being of mixed-race," Metters said. "It's definitely become more popular to engage in Asian culture for Americans with Asian heritage. I find it an enriching part of my life. I can't imagine not being like this – just living in New York like a regular American but also being able to go to Taiwan and mainland China and interact with people in Mandarin."