Thursday, 28 September 2017

Scott Adams tells you how President Trump will come out ahead on the anthem protests

Scott Adams is always amusing. Check out his little Rockettes dance just after 5'30". Hilarious!  (He reprises it later on in the podcast).  Click above or here.
Adams always has an interesting perspective, whether you agree with him or not. 
I often don't, but suspect he's correct on this issue. Surely the football players are going to get tired of this nonsense. 
Ben Shapiro was rather more academic in his podcast (388), pointing out the dangers to the fabric of American society as a whole by the posturing on both sides:
The Right posture: it's all about respecting the military, the flag and the anthem. 
The Left posture: it's all about the freedom to peacefully protest. 
Shapiro reckons the two postures ("bubbles") are or should be reconcilable. Except for the "of course... but maybe..." phenom: Louis CK's creation! (Around 30' in).

BTW, in case the above seems biased to the conservative side: there are about a million pieces on the Left in Mainstream Media, showing how Trump on the NFL "kneelgate" is wrong, racist, divisive, etc, etc... (Google "Trump NFL" will do it for ya).
Also: Shapiro is no Trump supporter -- he voted Libertarian, and in his podcast above repeatedly makes a point of criticising Trump for suggesting how a business should be run ("You're fired!"). Meantime Adams is more of a Trump explainer, than a Trump supporter, in my reading of his position: and I've listened to the whole of his long (2 hours +) talk with Sam Harris ("Triggered").