Monday, 4 September 2017

"The Spread of Islam Is a Worldwide Threat” | Dwight Schawb Jr

The greater the Muslim population the lower the freedom index.
Statistically significant correlation coefficient of 0.61.
X-axis: L to R: lower to higher % of Muslim population.
Y-axis: most freedom = 2 (top). Least freedom = 14 (bottom).
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Dwight Schwab's headline above may seem a bit fraught.  But what caught my attention in the article  (Wayback) -- a review of a new book "Slavery, Terrorism and Islam: The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat"  by Dr Peter Hammond (not a name known to me) on NewsBlaze (a site also not known to me) --  is the setting out of the stages of Islamisation, based on the percentage population of Muslims in different countries.
This reminded me of an analysis I'd done over six years ago: Freedom and Islam: a statistical survey (Freedom House Index), 18 January 2011, in which I showed the strong inverse correlation between the percent of Muslim population in a particular country and the extent of that country's freedom, as defined in the Freedom House Index (which index, as far as I was able to find out, is well regarded).
The correlation is inverse: that is, the more Muslims in a country, the lower the score on the freedom index. I noted then that correlation is not necessarily causation.  I also noted that it very often is causation (cigarettes >> cancer, for example) and that there are good reasons to believe that in this case correlation is indeed causation.
Dr Hammond's study comes to exactly the same conclusion as I did with the chart above, with some more detail.
Other points he makes: Islam is neither a religion nor a cult. It is a whole way of life. In this he is completely correct, a point made often by Muslim scholars. What distinguishes it from other "whole life" ideologies, the Amish for example, is that in addition to setting out what a Muslim must do and how they must do it, every minute of every day, they are enjoined to press this "way of life" on every other member of the human race: all we kaffirs, we unbelievers.  Whereas the Amish keep to themselves.
Surely a pause for thought is needed?  But not for Merkel. "Islam belongs to [sic] Germany". (I presume that's a translation error, and what's mean is Islam belongs in Germany).  Whatever, Mad Merkel is going to screw up Germany and thereby screw up Europe.  Germany tried twice in the 20th Century.  Maybe they'll achieve it in the 21st. For no countries can survive with their culture intact with 2-5% of their resident populations arriving from a completely different culture, very many of whom harbour abiding hatred of the west and indeed seek to destroy it,
So fraught as it may be I do agree with the headline above. Islam is a worldwide threat.  Some people recognise it and speak out about it. Some people recognise it and counsel accommodation. And some don't recognise it at all -- or don't want to recognise it.