Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Mass-Migration: The Tiniest Dose of Reality Hits

Count the children.  The bulk of "refugees" are economic migrants: young
men, often claiming to be children, looking for jobs and jumping queues
Across the continent, poll after poll shows the European public continuously calling for migration into Europe to be slowed down. This plea is not due to some atavistic urge or distasteful racist instinct, but something that the public seems to intuit better than their politicians -- which is that if you do not have control of your borders, with a meaningful set of immigration laws and the right to keep people out of your country then you do not really have a country. [ref]
According to some reports, Europen officials do not even ask for proof if a "refugee" claims they are a child.  They simply accept the statement because not to do so would impinge on their human rights.