Sunday, 17 June 2018

NOK. Trump and Kim In Singapore

My own sense of the outcome of Singapore is that only one thing changed: namely that a US president met with a NOK Chairman.
Everything else — the one-page LOI and ... and ...and ... (actually I can't think of anything more) — is *less* than has been achieved before.
Yet Trump seems to think it's a fine deal ("you can sleep easy tonight"). It's not. Arguably we're backward in that China will feel enabled to ease its own sanctions on NOK even if the rest of the world doesn't.
The only thing that would change this is if NOK does indeed denuclearise. Pompeo has give himself till 2020 to do get that done.
I hope he does and I hope I'm wrong. World peace aside I'd like to see the Left wriggle in discomfort, as they've been sneeringly subject to major TDS so far.
EG: they take seriously T's comment that "I want my people to do the same" (sit up straight when he talks, like Kim's subjects). This was so clearly a joke that one wonders at their sanity...
And the Left's dismissal of "that" video. Wrong. It was a good idea implemented well. Recall that Kim is a film buff like his father. Kim can't unsee it. Could he be NOK's Deng Xiaoping? I doubt it but hope so.