Friday, 22 June 2018

Lawsuit by young immigrants detained in Virginia centre alleges abuse by guards | South China Morning Post

Does this look like a cage or a nice suburban house?

This story does good service in reporting the abuse of young illegal immigrants in US detention centres.
However it is misleading.  The clear impression is that the abuse is carried out under Trump's watch.* They were not.
Careful reading reveals that all these abuses began under Obama's watch. (one has to read it carefully, for this fact is hidden, presumably wilfully by AP).
I'm no fan of Trump, but it's this sort of dissimulation that supports his claims of "fake news".
Your editors really ought to be more diligent and neutral.

* e. g., paras 8 and 9:
"Many of the teenagers were sent to the Shenandoah facility after US immigration authorities accused them of belonging to violent gangs, including MS-13.[arrests under Obama administration].
"President Donald Trump has repeatedly cited gang activity as justification for his crackdown on illegal immigration."
Isn't that a clear implication that it's Trump that's imprisoned them in Shenandoah, having (falsely?) accused them of gang membership?  Where’s they were all arrested and detained by Obama.