Prison Dawah: the spread of Islam in America's prisons

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I need to bookmark this story in the Clarion Project because of the important message in the video linked in the story and above.
Note that the Imam states clearly in the video that Islam, that the Koran, that Islam's prophet Muhammad, all call for violence and killing of infidels, that there can be "no doubt" about that, it's "not subject to interpretation or discussion", and so on.  In all of which he is, of course, 100% correct.  In other words, the message of violence is inherent in and at the core of Islam.  
He says it, the Imam, not me.
The commentators in the video point this out, but curiously only to say that he is giving a "radical" or "extremist" message, when in fact his message is what's at the core of Islam, is indeed mainstream Islam.  
Perhaps that's a hill too far, and enough for now -- enough for their purposes -- to point out that Islam is being spread at an alarming pace in America's prisons.

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