Wednesday, 27 February 2019

”Millennials unfairly accused”

Beautiful Bondi
I was bemused to read the thoughts of various Millennials about we Baby Boomers. (Letters, 25 February).
We are accused of having instigated capitalism and then standing by as it wreaked "environmental destruction and growing inequality" (Michael Hinchey), while they, the Millennials, get on with "repairing the damage done by Boomers' greed" (Helen Lewin). 
I speak as an "early-stage" Boomer (1950). I worked in China of the 70s, a self-described socialist country. And I've seen it in the last forty years embrace capitalism to enrich its people. Fully 600 million have been raised from dire poverty. Ration coupons of the 70s have given way to plenitude. 
The environment under Chinese socialism was devastated (as was the Soviet's). It's only as they've become richer — through capitalism — that they have had the resources to spend on repairing the environment. China is now the world's biggest manufacturer and installer of renewables technology. 
As for inequality, the Gini index shows that the world has become a more equal place not less so. Perceptions by tender Millennials don't cut the ice here. Facts matter and facts don't care about their feelings. 
Though one sometimes wonders if the Millennials’ new creed isn't the reverse: "my feelings don't care about your facts". 

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