Sunday 24 May 2020

Kerfuffle in our mango tree

Baby Crested Bulbuls asleep in our mango tree
This is the last nest photo we’ll take as Robert Ferguson of WildcreaturesHK has warned us as they get older they might be scared by us and jump out of the nest.
A bird in the hand: Arlene came in this morning with a Common Tailorbird in her hand. It had flown into a window and been stunned. Forgot to take a photo, sadly. But all good, released back onside and flew away chattering.

I’ve just noticed quite a kerfuffle by the mango tree and crossing fingers that the babies are okay. There was a Magpie Robin pacing around and looking up into the tree. A host of Bulbuls chattering and flappering in and around the tree, including Red-vented and Chinese Bulbuls. I couldn’t see our proud parents, Danni and Hector, Crested Bulbuls. And I couldn’t see anything else, just kerfuffle. But there was a fair bit of commotion and I’m hoping it doesn’t mean unseen interlopers were up to some sort of mischief. There was a Common Tailorbird lurking as well, perhaps our bird in the hand from this morning. Fortunately no bigger birds like the Created Mynahs or Speckled Doves.
I’m presuming Danni and Hector could see off these smaller birds.
LATER: Just had a horrible thought. What if it was a snake. I should have looked closer. Oh dear… (but on reflection, I don’t thinks snake because of the snake-cone)
UPDATE (25 May): Sad day. The nest is empty. On reflection I don’t think it could have been a snake, because we had our anti-snake cone pretty well secured. So what was it? My suspects are: Crested Mynah, Violet Whistling Thrush, Spotted Dove and Red-billed Blue Magpie. Devna says “it could be anything”, and suggests CCTV next time, which is a good idea.
Another sad thing yesterday: we found a turtle had been killing our fish. We had to partially drain our fish pond to locate the turtle, and put it back in Siena Park and strengthened our fence with chicken wire. We abut the park which has many turtles in the lake. It took a pretty severe toll on our koi carp which didn’t stand a chance, the classic “fish in a barrel”.

And there’s the resurgence yesterday of violence on our streets, tear gas and protests

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