Friday, 31 December 2021

My grouch about 2021…

…That people are still saying “two thousand and twenty one” instead of “twenty twenty one”. I mean, what’s with that? I though clicking over to 2020 would do it. After all, we’re so used to saying “20-20 vision”, “20-20 hindsight” and so, that I assumed people would start saying “twenty twenty” for the year. But no. Still insisting— many are, anyway, and maybe even a majority, it should be polled — on the long form “two thousand and twenty one”, seven syllables, vs. “Twenty twenty one”, five syllables. That’s a saving of two whole syllables right there.

So, my hope for 2022 is that the kind of balance of the number will lead more to the logical “twenty twenty two”. After all, we never said “nineteen thousand and twenty two”.

There we are. Covering the important issues of the day.

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