Wednesday, 7 June 2023

Australians vote for nuclear!

Click above for the video (not sure how long it’s available)
Last night Australian Broadcasting Corporation Q&A was a bit about energy. And of course, Renewables, etc. And of course David Speers, the moderator,  was clearly anti-nuclear, and so was the audience. And so was most of the panel, though not all of it. Just that the one pro-nuclear, Ted O’Brien, the shadow minister of Climate Change and Energy, wasn’t a good rep for the plus side. Nathan Towney, btw, is one of the one-drop-of-blood mob; if he’s a “proud Wiradjuri man”, then so am I, blacker ’n all that he is...

David Speers on nuclear notes two “studies”: (1) stating that if we started now, it would take 15 years to build a nuclear reactor, and (2) another from the CSIRO that nuclear power is more expensive than renewables. Ted O’Brien’s response was weak and unpersuasive. He didn’t touch (1) and on (2) criticised the study, which elicited mocking laughter from the audience. Weak. He needs to get his pro nuclear sound bites better framed.

My version would be: "(1) The best time to build a nuclear plant was 15 years ago; the second best time to build a nuclear plant is now. And (2) Nuclear is as cheap as the cheapest renewables, if you look at the Levelised Cost of Electricity, which takes account of the whole life cycle.” I would also note high safety levels. In any case, what does the time it takes to build have to do with it? Are we to assume that in 15 years we won’t need baseload power? Also: remember when Nick Clegg said in 2010, that nuclear oughtn’t be an option because it would “take until 2021 to build it”. Here we are at 2023. Time has a way of passing. That’s the cost of short-termism

Then, mirabilis, the results of an online poll. “Should Australia invest in nuclear power?”.  

  • Yes 61%
  • No 32%
  • Unsure 7%

Fantastic! That’s from the watching audience who skew very much Left and who have been propagandised non-stop about nuclear being a Bad Thing. And yet, who somehow have found the logic and common sense to vote Yes, on the most reliable, cleanest, safest way to produce electricity. Wonderful. 

Now for the politicians to catch up. 

Tuesday, 6 June 2023

British-based Global Disinformation Index developing conservative news "blocklist"

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Post-modernist nonsense…

…isn’t it?  There is no objective reality, save what I create myself.

Which gives us the “it’s my reality” of the neo-narcissists. Wot’s allowed people to say “my reality is I’m a woman”  when biologically, “the outside reality”, is that they’re male. And so on...

Avoiding war

Isn’t it true that world wars started because sides were entrenched in their views? They ignored views of The Other Side. 

Russia invaded Ukraine in part because of NATO expansion. Some believe that’s sufficient explanation. Some believe that Putin would have invaded sometime anyway, given his revanchist views. But still NATO’s eastward expansion was a factor. Which Putin complained about endlessly; and which NATO ignored.

We need to beware of motivated reasoning. We support Ukraine so we filter information on that wish. 

Similarly here in the China orbit. I may wish China would “get over” its bitterness at the “hundred years of humiliation”. But it hasn’t. And won’t anytime soon. And it does have basis for it. The west were rabid colonialists. 

In the grand geo-political game of East v West, where China is East and US is West, I’m definitely on the side of the West. Even as I live on the borderline, on the fault line of East and West here in Hong Kong.

So I was all primed to be incensed by this article by Shaun Narine. But it makes a good case. We can dispute his case, we can debate it, mock it, counter it. What we should not do is ignore it. 

Nato’s incursion into the Indo-Pacific region is a move that will exacerbate regional conflicts and tensions. That is because Nato cannot be separated from the history of European colonialism and imperialism that shaped modern Asia – and plays a major role in Chinese nationalism today.

In 2022, Nato declared that China was a “challenge” to the alliance’s “interests, security and values”. Recently, Nato has argued that possible Chinese assistance to Russia in its war against Ukraine makes China a military threat to Europe.

"Assessing COVID-19 pandemic policies and behaviours and their economic and educational trade-offs across US states from Jan 1, 2020, to July 31, 2022”| The Lancet

This is to try to explain the chart in the Lancet study.
Only those in red, left of the vertical line are 
beneficial to lower deaths. Others are ambiguous.
This is a dense and difficult paper. The above is my attempt to explain the many similar charts in the paper.

Summary: for Covid infections the policy responses (above) had some limited effects. For Covid deaths, however, the policy responses had zero unambiguous effects, apart from vaccines, which unambiguously lowered death rates. 

I’d argue that deaths per capita are the best comparison, because we know what deaths are and while we can’t know that infection rates were measured in the same way everywhere, no matter how well-intentioned the testing. 

For the next pandemic, the lesson is: get making a vaccine. And don’t mandate stuff like school closures, masking, etc. 

My earlier post on this Lancet Study

Monday, 5 June 2023

Chris Bowen's nuclear fear tactics critiqued

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“Hong Kong takes new step to promote ESG agenda to reluctant and wary small business owners” | 5 June


There's not a bandwagon that's chugged by our shores but that our government hasn't wanted to clamber on board. (Hong Kong takes new step to promote ESG agenda to reluctant and wary small business owners , 5 June).

Islamic finance hub, high-tech hub, biotech hub, TCM hub, Green finance hub, you name it, we've got a hub for you!  Come jump on our bandwagon!

And now ESG finance. This is a notion from America, the latest iteration of an environmental and social justice agenda engulfing the United States. Let's not let it engulf us.

As the founder and ex-owner of an SME in Hong Kong (Wall Street Institute) I speak against this ESG push. It will only increase the red tape strangling our hard-working entrepreneurs. 

Elon Musk has called ESG a "scam". His company, Tesla, was removed from the ESG 500 Index, due to a disputed instance, since resolved, of alleged racism in the factory. The Index removal was despite the fact that at the time Tesla had produced more electric vehicles than the rest of the world combined. How can that make any sense?

I call on the Trade Development Council to find better things to do with our money than to follow this latest Boondoggle. I join the "reluctant and wary small business owners" to demand our government give this latest gravy train a pass. Let it chug on by, as we stand — smiling and waving — with our feet firmly rooted to the ground. 

Pf etc…

“Bian Kong” (边控): border controls redux

When I first arrived in China in 1976, Biān kòng (controlling the border -- aka, not letting people travel freely) was for everyone, coming or going, foreigner or Chinese. You couldn’t freely travel to China; you couldn’t freely leave it. Then, suddenly, you could. After Deng Xiaoping’s policies. Since the late 80s and up to now, you could come and go as you wished.

 Now not so much. Wang Xiangwei recently returned to Hong Kong after many years in Beijing talks of his contacts, caught up in the maw of the state. They could number in the millions. Kafka at work…

The ominous-sounding Chinese phrase bian kong, or exit bans, now often enters the table talk among the executives, particularly after some wine loosens their tongues. The phrase refers to a policy tool increasingly being used by the authorities to prevent people from leaving the country amid suspicions or accusations of wrongdoing or simply because they are on the wrong side of a business dispute or work for the wrong people. [More…]

WHO new International Health Regulations: scary stuff

Click for video. Links to petitions at the site
The WHO aims to rule your life. And if we don’t do something it’s going to succeed. 

It has amended the International Health Regulations under which it has advisory power, to new IHRs which give it the power to mandate its 197 members to follow its dictates. Here is the trick: the default is opt in.  If you don’t do anything, you’re bound by them. If you don’t want to be bound by them, you have to opt out. (It’s like the credit card “one week free” trick).

There’s no downside to opting out. We’ll still know what recommendations are. But we’ll be free to choose whether or not we follow them. 

Given the WHO’s woeful performance during Covid, why would we want to tie ourselves to mandates by this unelected blob of health apparatchiks?

I’ve signed the petition to ask the Australian Parliament to discuss the issue.

Sunday, 4 June 2023

“Nuclear waste isn’t a problem”

Remember wot? Memory-holing June 4

It’s 34 years since the tanks rolled into Tiananmen Square squashing the demonstrators and their dreams and the world watched in horror.

I remember it well -- this household remembers it well -- being there, in Beijing, and all. 

Steve FitzGerald and I organised a memorial at Parliament House in Canberra, with the late Prime Minister Bob Hawke speaking, and crying for the dead students, a famous clip — of his nose running, as he wept.

I was kind of forced into chairing a “China Support Group” which worked on getting students out of China, a kind of Underground Railroad, until I concluded it was turning into a bit of a scam and I quit, while Jing was in Beijing, on her bicycle, a young graduate, who met the Tank Man on a side street south of Dong Dan, walking home, bag in hand, disconsolately.

We remember. But young Chinese don’t. By “young” I mean anyone under 40 They don’t remember because they don’t know. And they don’t know because news of Tiananmen 1989 has been systematically repressed. Under 40: That’s most of China. And here, soon, people will forget. Because they won’t know. Anyone thinking censorship doesn’t work, this is the classic counter. 

Cliff Buddle writes about the June 4 red lines, in his weekly piece today. He says people won’t forget. Dear, dear sweet, naive Cliff: we won’t be seeing any clear red lines anytime soon — you gotta keep that scary ambiguity. And people will forget. Just not we and thee.

The garden of earthly delights

A memory of Tiananmen June 4 1989

Saturday, 3 June 2023

Sound of summer

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Elon's battle with the Twitter nanny

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“A brighter outlook” | David Dodwell

Click above to enlarge. Online here
David Dodwell mentions Steven Pinker, his article not his books. I’ve read a number of his books, like “Better Angels of our Nature” and “Enlightenment Now”. Pinker is the grand-father of the “things-are-better-than-you-think” genre. 

I’ve tried out telling house guests how good things are. Never works. The default mode, at least of my house guests, who almost all lean Left, is that things are bad and getting worse. The data say otherwise. But I’ve learnt that people don’t really care about “The Science”, especially when data goes against fixed feelings. Feelings don’t care about data. 

The NED really IS the CIA!

I feel like a real chump about this National Endowment for Democracy. They were active during our year of demos and riots here in Hong Kong in 2019. But I assumed they were any old NGO. People told me they were CIA but I was dubious. I thought the riots would have taken place even without funding and training from outside. Which may well have been true. But they were most assuredly providing money and they most assuredly were training the young rioters. We had news of that at the time. 

But the also most assuredly are not just any old NGO, as I naively thought. They are the CIA. In the lingo, they are CIA “cutouts”. That is the separate and public face, but funded by the CIA.

Max Blumenthal of the Grayzone, gives chapter and verse here (~24 mins) he schools a NED staff member who doesn’t know as much about the outfit she works for as he does!

NED comments about Hong Kong after Beijing brought in the National Security Law, here. Looking at a few years down the line, it’s amazing arrogance. 

ADDED: The article by NED mentions Jimmy Lai. Founder and owner of Apple Media. Now in jail for subversion, the Apple Daily closed down. Bad news for press freedom, right? Well, yes, but…. At the height of the riots — which, by the way, Apple Daily stirred and stoked — Lai went to Taiwan and called for the United States to intervene, to come to the aid of Hong Kong. This was truly shocking. For Jing and me, at least. It was calling for another country, the United States no less, to intervene in the sovereignty of China. It left us breathless with its … what?… well, it’s stupidity, really. Stupidy, stupidy, stupidy. But it’s also treason, is it not? 

ADDED: the NED article says “..."East Turkistan, which the CCP refers to as Xinjiang...”, the equivalent of saying “Coahuila y Tejas, aka North Mexico, which the United States refers to as Texas”. Isn’t it?

I used to get the Apple Daily, sometimes, not daily. When I had a business here and was trying to change legislation on private schools, I wanted to write an op-ed, or letter to the editor, but found they don’t do that. It was a pretty lurid paper, tabloid, colour, with photos of the latest car crash on the front page, close-ups of bleeding bodies, and canto-pop chics on p.3. Pretty much ambulance chasing and flesh. So, not lamented, by me anyway. Though I do lament its closing, for impact on free speech and freedom of the press issues. What I say above about Jimmy Lai, is that he played a dangerous game. And one with a predictable outcome. 

GOP Presidential Candidates vs Dems

Roughly in order of their announcement:

  1. Donald Trump
  2. Nikki Haley (POC/W)
  3. Vivek Ramaswamy (POC)
  4. Asa Hunthinson
  5. Larry Elder (POC)
  6. Tim Scott (POC)
  7. Ron De Santis

In this group: four POC, one woman. In the Dems lineup, three people, all white. The GOP is going to have debates; the Dems are not allowing debates. Yet it’s the Reps we are told are “racist” and “anti-democratic”. Weird.

How I’d have them in order of preference: 

  1. Tim Scott
  2. Ron De Santis
  3. Vivek Ramaswamy
  4. Donald Trump
  5. Nikki Haley
  6. Larry Elder
  7. Asa Hutchinson

How I’d have the DEMs? Tough one. Probably:

  1. RFK Jnr
  2. Joe Biden
  3. Maryanne Williamson

Friday, 2 June 2023

“100 Canberra”: Teenagers paint Centenarians

Our mother, Margaret Forsythe, aka “Mutti”, is in there, painted by Tess Chung for the “100 Canberra” project which sounds rather lovely, teaming up teenagers, one as young as 15, to paint Canberra centenarians, of which our mother is one, 102 in September. 

Thursday, 1 June 2023

“Succession” is SUCH a good show!

We've just seen the second last ep of S4, no. 9, and oh boy is it good! The funeral scene brought tears to this household. We thought it's right up there with The Godfather.  Top, top drama.
Andrew Neil, Chairman of The Spectator, worked for Rupert Murdoch — who many see as the model for Succession's Logan Roy — as editor of the Sunday Times
Here Andrew talks with Freddy Gray about the last episode, Season finale, no. 10 of S4. Warning: there are spoilers
Andrew has the "Succession" theme as his ringtone, is how much he likes the show. 
He talks of the similarities and differences between Logan Roy and Rupert Murdoch, as someone who knows the Murdochs pretty well. The "Sun King" he calls Rupert. He holds court. I met the Sun King back in 1983 when we were working for him on a China deal. The whole News building in Sydney shivered when he walked in. The shiver ran up the corridors and along the staff line, into his office where we were sat, apprehensive peasants awaiting the Lord. But he was charm itself and quickly decisive about what he wanted us to do. Which you'd expect. 
In Succession you see Logan Roy and you see Rupert Murdoch. So too says Andrew.
Repeating that there are SPOILERS in the interview below.
ADDED:  most assume this is the end of the series. Kieran Kulkin (Roman Roy) thinks/hopes maybe not. We too.
Then again, Andrew Neil says the ending is perfect. So ending in perfection … the best?!

A session with Patrick Moore: Climate Change

Click above for video 

I’ve kind of avoided Patrick Moore coz I thought he was a Bad Person. He’d founded Greenpeace, sure, but then had a fall-out with them. And gone off the reservation. Or so I thort. Not so. He’s not crazy at all. Amongst the first in North American to study the then new discipline of Ecology, he loved science and he loved nature. And he co-founded Greenpeace! 

It was the headline in the video that got me. XR are indeed very stupid! (As are the anti nuclear folks, as Patrick says).

He had a falling out with Greenpeace that he doesn’t talk about here. As I recall he didn’t approve of their high-profile PR stunts. And their radically anti-nuclear stance. It’s sure as anything that they are responsible for the halting of the nuclear push in the sixties. 

I guess Patrick Moore will be labelled a “climate denier” in Wikipedia. I’ll check later. But he does have deep knowledge of the subject. And I always think it’s worth listening to people who know whereof they speak, even if you don’t always agree with their views. He’ll trigger many. Eg, he says carbon dioxide is “an essential nutrient” for plants. The climate worriers frame carbon dioxide as “a pollutant”. Yet it’s true, as Moore says, that the earth has become greener in recent decades as shown by a NASA which I’ll put below when I find it again. ADDED: Here it is ➡️

“Carbon dioxide fertilisation greens the earth”. NASA
1982-2015 change in leaf area. 25-50% of the earth
has had “significant greening” since 1982, says NASA

ADDED: Moore is for reducing use of fossil fuels. And to make up, go nuclear. Germany has gone full bore renewables, closed nuclear, and now has the most expensive and most unreliable electricity in Europe and rising CO2 emissions. France has over 60% electricity from nuclear, the cheapest and most reliable electricity in Europe and the lowest carbon emissions. Then again the Greens, who say “follow the science” don’t really follow the science.  Moore’s comments on Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima are correct. 

Wednesday, 31 May 2023

Earth in a billion years

Click for the video
Professor David Kipping at Columbia University, speaks with passion and poetry.  His words at the end are so moving.

It also reminds me of a thought of Bertrand Russel that’s been on my mind for many years. From memory:
That all the labours of the ages,
All the inspiration, all the noonday brightness of human genius,
That the whole temple of man’s achievement,
is destined for destruction in the vast death of the solar system,
All these things, while by no means beyond dispute,
Are nonetheless so nearly certain that any philosophy that does not take them into account,
Cannot hope to stand.

I’ve just looked it up and the whole quote is here

What David Kipping says is that we may have many new goes at it.... But I don’t buy his suggestion that we’re an “infestation” on the earth. We are the only species -- that we know of -- which can apprehend the universe. There is intelligent life other than us on earth, and life that uses tools. But none that has ideas about what the rest of the universe is like. We may be the universe’s way of understanding itself. 

Tuesday, 30 May 2023

Privileged white women lecture Black men on racism

And that blowhard, Joy Behar, on ABCs The View, has the gall, has the unmitigated racism, yes the racism, to say that he doesn't understand "systemic racism" in America! Blacks cannot succeed on their own! Heaven forfend! Unless, of course, they suckle on the Democratic teat. Remember Joe Biden to Charlemagne Tha God? "If you're black but don't vote Democrat, you ain't Black!"
Ex Dem, Natalie Jean Beisner says it better. America is living in a culture of victimhood. That's a key difference between the parties. Dems push grievance and victimhood. Scott, a GOP candidate, pushes "victory over victimhood". "Gratefulness over grievance". That's is surely a better formula for success for anyone, let alone Black culture.
Shame on all those who talk down progressing, working, achieving Blacks. And, like Behar, call them Uncle Toms. Shame. 

Ballymena, Northern Ireland, August 2019

Oranmore guest house, Ballymena, home of the Forsythes:

My Grandfather Andrew Forsythe was born on a farm near here: Tullybane, Dunlangly on 11 February 1876. Photos here

That’s the B&B we stayed at, in Balllymena, on 19 August 2019, during our clockwise trip around Ireland, Dublin to Dublin. Photos here

Book Burning Hong Kong style

This is really depressing. Though also kind of irrelevant, coz Amazon. 

Still, not nice to think of dour communist appartchicks, skulking around libraries looking for books to burn. Anything on Tiananmen, June 4th, also the HK Riots of 2019 appears to be taboo. And also good old favourites like 1984 and Animal Farm. But also Lu Xun?? That’s like getting rid of Charles Dickens. 

China’s “Grey rhinos”: Demography, Debt, Decoupling

Black Swans: very unlikely events that may have a great impact. Eg, a rogue asteroid hitting the earth; or a pandemic. 

Grey Rhino: nice neologism, based on the Black Swan = Very likely events, that also will have a great impact. And therefore more important than Black Swans. 

And for China, that’s the Demography, Debt and Decoupling trap. The three Grey Rhinos. Debt is something that has been on the worry list for decades. I guess we don’t hear more about it, or more about actual debt-fuelled disasters that have already happened, because China keeps it all under wraps. Censorship, don’t you know. The Demography one has hit the news recently. The drop in new births is precipitous. Decoupling, of course, started with Trump, continued with Biden and has been worsened by Xi Jinping’s actions. And Covid. 

Nordstream pipeline explosions: until we have more credible theory the best we have is Seymour Hirsch

Click for video 

I’ve read Seymour Hersh’s article describing how the U.S. blew up three of four Nordstream gas pipelines, with Norwegian support.

I agree with Jeffrey Sachs, above. Hersh’s is the best and most comprehensive theory we have. Especially since Joe Biden [Here] and State Department Ukraine boss, Victoria Nuland [Hereas much as admitted it before the pipelines were destroyed. An ex Polish Minister tweeted “Thank you, USA”. The US was the only one with both the ability and the motive to blow them up. The idea that it was Russia is absurd on its face. Poland and Ukraine had motive but not the ability. Germany had neither. 

Sachs also has a go at the New York Times. As a five-decades-long subscriber myself, I agree with his critique. We’re not getting the full story. On anything, especially Ukraine. Misinformation by omission, at the very least. 

Monday, 29 May 2023

Oh, I DO love this!

Lovely day at the pool


Just now, Club Siena, Discovery Bay, HK

Sunset last night

New Age Woo

I mean, it’s nonsense, really, isn’t it?

Dear BBC: please cancel “BBC Verify"

Dear BBC,

@BBCbreakfast informs us you are setting up “BBC Verity”, to tell us all about “disinformation”. 

Headed up by Marianna Spring, herself a prime purveyor thereof. 

She has said of Twitter “it’s unleashed a wave of hate”, which I say -- me, a daily Twitter user following several hundred of various persuasions -- is simply nonsense. It’s disinformation! And now she’s going to go “undercover” (!) to troll people! For disinformation? Which, btw, is against TOS of Social Media platforms, and may even be illegal. Puleeease!

Spring, gives us a presentation where the only disinformation is by the “Far right” and only by non-government non-legacy media. Nothing from the Left and nothing about the government lies (disinformation) about things like WMDs in Iraq. I remember those, and I remember how BBC went along with Blair and Colin Powell and didn’t look into it. Disinformation by omission. And, By the way, this could have been known at the time, by anyone, including even the BBC, had they wanted to. I saw it with my own eyes, when Powell made his presentation to the United Nations and thought it was nonsense. Where was the BBC? 

More recently, how many ways has the BBC misinformed us? Let me count the ways:

Multiple reports of “BBC fake news” in India. 

Failure to identify terrorist figures in the reinstalled Afghani Taliban government, 8 September 2021: "The corporation simply forgot' to mention that the selected ministers were on the US terror watch list. In fact, it did not even mention Pakistan or the ISI once in their profile. [Here]. Disinformation by omission. 

No mention by Ms Spring of the Twitter files, that revealed the extent of pre-Musk censorship, including from the government. Nothing of that, even from the “Disinformation expert”, Ms Spring, in her 21 March 2023 Panorama story about today’s Twitter. Disinformation by omission. [Here]

Telling us that the Lab Leak Theory was a conspiracy theory. It wasn’t. Disinformation by commission. 

Misinforming us about the size of anti lockdown demonstrations in the UK -- playing down their numbers and alleging -- without evidence -- that they were far-right. Ms Spring again. Misinformation by misdirection. 

Telling us there were whole wards full of children with Covid. Disinformation by commission. [Here]

Failing to report on the Hunter Biden laptop story in 2020 and failing to report on the intelligence community burying the story (it was clear at the time what was going on, if you wanted to know), and Joe Biden falsely quoting that it was Russian disinformiton during his debate.  Disinformation by omission.

Failing to report that the Russia Collusion was a hoax from the beginning and the extent of the FBI involvement (it was clear at the time).  Disinformation by omission

Failure to report on Hillary Clinton involvement in creating the Russia Hoax, that lasted six years to date (and hasn’t stopped her pushing the hoax, still, to this day). Again, this was known at the time, if you’d wanted to know.  Disinformation by omission.

This “disinformation expert” title is a made-up expertise, with no qualifications. It’s a nonsense.

Please give it up. Or pull the other leg. Honestly. 

Focus on providing information. No need to bother us with your views on “disinformation”. No need for you to Verify. No need for our own Nina Jankowicz. The unlamented “disinformation czarina” in the US. Follow their example and ditch the idea. Please. 


BBC Verify mocked by the lefties in the US

Laurie Wastell: "The BBC crusade for online censorship”. Includes lots of spicy info on Marianna Spring, head of this new BBC Verify disinformation wheeze. Eg: Wastell quotes Spring: "‘it is not about giving equal weight to views where one is false and one is true’. It seems that as long as Spring feels she has truth on her side, she feels she has no duty to air alternative perspectives."

Kathleen Stock: “The BBC’s phoney war on disinformation”.  Clip: "According to Spring, online disinformation and hate speech is getting worse, and it’s the responsibility of social media platforms to regulate it more heavily. Me to Spring: no, no, and no.

Frank Haviland: “Whos verifying BBC Verify? Quote: "The BBC reporting of Brexit was in fact so biased that even the BBC admitted they broke their own impartiality rules. And.... “BBC Verify has little to do with exposing misinformation, and more to do with discrediting truths (sorry, ‘conspiracy theories’) the establishment disapproves of.”

ADDED: If you enter BBC Verify to YouTube, all you get is mocking Vids. Theres not a single one thats positive. EG: RedactedGB News. TalkTV. Mahyar Tousi. Ezra Levant. Jimmy Dore. And it shouldnt be. This whole disinformation” thing is a nonsense, used to shut down what they don’t like, on the Left. There’s none of this push from the Right. At least AFAIK. 

So, even on censorship-friendly YouTube, theres not a single positive result for a search on "BBC Verify”.