Thursday 20 May 2010

Can we eat to starve cancer? Yes, we can!

Thanks to ol' mate Peter S. have the following link to a fascinating recent talk by William Li (left) to the famous TED conference.  This one on "anti-angiogenesis", the concept of stopping the blood flow to cancer tumours, hence of starving their growth.  The interesting thing is that.....
... the interesting thing is that there are many foods which are potent anti-angiogenisis agents, the list being at 12:56 minutes on the video and then a chart of their efficacy at 14:24.
The list of anti-angiogenesis foods, still work in progress, with some of the most potent anti-angiogentics at the top:
Tea, especially Earl Grey and mix with Green Tea
Soy beans
Berries of all sorts
Red Grapes and red wine
Bak Choi/Brassica/Kale
Olive Oil
Dark Chocolate

A study of 79,000 men over twenty years showed that those who ate cooked tomatoes more than twice a week had 50% reduced prostate risk.  That's me baby, with stewed tomatoes every day of the week.

The video below well worth the 20 minutes....
[about TED]