Friday 28 May 2010

Geller on the Ground Zero Mosque

Just wanted to bookmark this topic to come back to, a discussion on the issue of whether it's right, morally, sensitively-wise, to build the 13 storey Islamic centre and mosque right by Ground Zero.  Pam Geller's opponent is the "moderate" muslim, Michael Ghouse, who tries valiantly to be tolerantly inter-faith sensitive, but doesn't have much of a hand to play with.  He tries the old chestnut of "the translation [of the Koran] you read is not correct" and urges Pamela and listeners to read about Islam to see what it really says, so that we can understand that the terrorists are "distorting" the "Religion of Peace".  Problem is, that's exactly what I and millions of others have done and all that that does is prove that the Islamists, violent or stealthy, are right on the button.
This link is to another site carrying the video and haven't yet read the article around the vid, as I'm in a hurry and off to Koh Samui for a yachting regatta.