Tuesday 4 May 2010

Shariah Global Map

There's a great interactive map of "Global Shariah Impact". (note: NOT the one on the left; that's another one -- see below).  The Global Shariah map is missing some items -- in fact, I bet it's missing lots of items.  For example, Australia and the Government's promotion of Shariah finance, as I noted in the post below.

The map above left is put out by the World Islamic Mission:  Motto: "One Ummah. One Vision".  The Ummah is...
The Ummah is the "community of believers", ie Muslims throughout the world.  The "Vision", as seen by the World Islamic Mission, is clear and consistent with what all Islamic organisations never tire of telling us: that Islam must become the one and only world religion, to which all must submit ("Islam" meaning "submission", not "peace" as so many have tried to tell us).  That is the context in which one must understand the talk of peace on the WIM website: that when Islam is supreme in the world, there will be peace.
That's not me, a terrible bigoted Islamophobe saying that Islam must reign supreme.  It's the Ummah, it's the spokespeople of Islam, it's the organisations and peak bodies of Islam, from the Muslim Brotherhood to their "moderate" fronts, such as the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and the Council on American Islam Relations (CAIR). The last being the "go-to" organisation in the US that the media and government seek out for comment, on behalf of the US Muslim community.  CAIR's head, Ibrahim Hooper has said that he wants Islam's Koran to be the law of the land.  Is there any doubt there, any unclarity?  Is it me being a "conspiracy theorist"?  Of course not; it's not a conspiracy when it's openly, plainly and unblushingly stated: Islam must take over the world.

The map of "Global Shariah Impact" is an objective measure of what's happening, before our eyes, our eyes closed, sleeping....