Friday, 28 January 2011

Free Lars Hedegaard!

We know that international pressure can have results -- even in the execrable Iranian government seems to take note of international outrage at its plans to stone women to death for having sex.
In the case of Lars Hedegaard, the Danish journalist charged with "hate crimes", there's been an avalanche of protest to the Danish government and my own modest contribution is below. Go on, add to the pressure, send your email.

Mine went to the Danish Foreign Office, the Danish Consulate in HK and Embassy in Beijing and I've had their acknowledgment of receipt.  Google 'em up; outrage expressed at your fingertips...

I am writing to express my concern about the trial of Danish journalist Lars Hedegaard for so-called "hate crimes". This is a trial that should never have happened yet its outcome will have an impact on free speech and the rights to critical discourse throughout the world.   
And so we watch and wait the outcome with trepidation, but also with the hope that sanity will prevail. Because, while truth -- incredibly -- is not a defense, the points Hedegaard made about Islam are nonetheless true. If one can no longer speak the simple truth in a proud country such as yours, the future is bleak for not only Denmark, but also the rest of Europe. 
I do hope you will pass on these worries of "a concerned outsider" to the relevant parties in Denmark.  
Sincerely etc.
Background note:  Lars Hedegaard, a Danish critic of Islam, is on trial in Denmark for remarks he made regarding dysfunctions and abuse within Islamic family culture. Under Denmark's law 266b dealing with alleged hate speech, defendants are not allowed to prove the truth of their comments and all that is needed for conviction is whether any one person feels offended.