Thursday, 20 January 2011

"Why it's a turn-off for men when women cry"

[A catch-up post]:
In 8th January South China Morning Post from the New York Times
"In several experiments, researchers found that men who sniffed drops of women's emotional tears became less sexual aroused than when they sniffed a neutral saline solution that had been dribbled down women's cheeks....
"... sniffing women's tears did not effect men's mood or empathy."

There you have it, men!  Permission to get a pained and distant expression on your face when confronted by feminine waterworks, then to roll over and go to sleep.
Women, too, take note:  they ain't gonna work... (though my wife did use them to good effect some years ago when she had to get an official bureaucrat from the Building Department to approve a bit of the renovation we were working on...)