Friday, 28 January 2011

Tim Winter: member of the Muslim organisation of Very Very Moderate Extremists

Remember Farshad Kholghi?  You don't? Shame on you, not paying attention to my posts.  He's a Danish actor who has a stand-up routine as Mohammed al-Whatever, president of the Muslim Organisation of Very Very Moderate Extremists.
I'm thinking that Timothy Winter (aka Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad) is a member of the OVVME.

This morning Shayky Murad (aka Tim Winter) was on BBC radio debating with Douglas Murray whether it's fair to talk of "moderate" and "extremist" Muslims.   Murad claimed that there was a "reformation" and "enlightenment" going on in Islam, evidence for which he did not give, and which I have yet to see anywhere in my readings.  
Douglas Murray, but contrast, is solid.  He said that there was fair reason for Europeans -- and not just the "far right" he made clear -- to be concerned about the spread of Islam, when, for example, it punished apostasy with death.  At which point the good Shayky said... well, let me cut to my letter to the Beebs...
Timothy Winter (aka Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad) says he’s just been to a conference of Islamic scholars at which the call for punishment for apostasy was “a custodial sentence at worst, certainly not death”.
And he wants us to accept that that’s “moderate, reformed and enlightened”? Holey moley!!

Clearly Sheykh Murad’s brain has been too long steeped in the baleful ideology of his Religion of Peace, if he thinks we’ll be fine with that (or should be fine with that....).
Let’s be clear: we’re talking about punishment for one’s freedom of conscience.  That’s abhorrent, surely, to all free thinkers.

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PF in Hong Kong 
PS: hooray for Douglas Murray!