Friday, 17 August 2018


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The Jesus and Mo cartoon is safe to like and safe to laugh at!  Its creator, "author", is an equal opportunity satirist of religion and beloved of non-regressive folks on the Left. Moderate Muslim reformer Maajid Nawaz wears the cartoon on his T-shirt.  Jerry Coyne of  “Why Evolution is True” blog, loves it.
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The latest (called "apt") is a comment on Boris Johnson's recent mocking of the burka, while arguing that it should not be banned.
From HelenaHandbasket in the comments:

Mo doesn't usually wear a burka himself.  This is part of a running gag, pointed out by commenter Donn:
Mohammed is not typical. Kind of a running gag.

BTW: the burka is now banned in quite a few European countries.  Less well known is that it's also banned in non-European and some Muslim countries.  In many cases because of security concerns: that men wear the burka to commit crimes.   So, one might argue that Boris didn't go far enough, not that he has "marginalised" or "upset" or "offended" many Muslim folk. Moderate Muslims are in favour of a ban. It's the moderates we should listen to, build bridges to, not the louder but more odious extremists and jihadists.