Thursday 2 December 2010

Baseball bats, that really gets to 'em

Passing by Pacific Coffee on the way to Central, Hong Kong -- they have the day's quote, from the dozy leftie bint, Susan Sarandn: "I'd rather use words, than fists". Gee, Susan, no kidding? Me too, actually. But what if maniacs are belting the living shit out of you?
Woody Allen got it right:
Woody Allen: "Has anybody read that Nazis are gonna march in New Jersey? Ya know? I read it in the newspaper. We should go down there, get some guys together, ya know, get some bricks and baseball bats, and really explain things to 'em."
Victor Truro: "There was this devastating satirical piece on that on the op-ed page of the Times – devastating."
Allen: "Whoa, whoa. A satirical piece in the Times is one thing, but bricks and baseball bats really gets right to the point of it."
Helen Hanft: "Oh, but really biting satire is always better than physical force."
Allen: "No, physical force is always better with Nazis."

Ref:  here.