Friday, 24 December 2010

This too shall pass. Not. Islam in Switzerland

To the BBC

Your program just now on BBC World service TV about Islam in Switzerland had a fellow comparing the concerns ("intolerance"!) about Muslims to earlier concerns about Italian immigrants in the sixties ("they ate pasta and garlic"!).  The message being that "this, too -- 'intolerance' towards Muslims -- shall pass". Muslims will assimilate and be accepted just as were the earlier immigrant waves.

Nice hope.  Problem is, the comparison fails on the most cursory examination. The earlier immigrants did not come equipped with a "religion" which is self-confessedly a "whole of life" belief system, complete with its very own grotesquely draconian legal system. Moreover, it is an ideology which, by its own clearly-stated doctrine requires war (or, if you will, "struggle") against unbelievers to bring that religion and that theocratic legal system to the rest of the world.  And which preaches separation of Muslims from the kuffar, the hated unbelievers (that would be all we non-Muslims).  These are clearly stated facts in all Islamic literature, from the Koran on.

Those resisting this encroachment are not the ones who should be excoriated. It is the Islamists and the ideology of Islam that should be held to the fire.

The sign-off comment by the female anchor ("some rare tolerance", in reference to the comments of the model moderate Muslim mother), showed her utter ignorance of the issues we face with a resurgent and supremacist Islam.

Yours, etc
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