Friday, 17 December 2010

"China takes the lead over the US in climate-change measures"

The second of the stories about China, noted from the South China Morning Post of 4th December:

Another exciting article - exciting for us here in Hong Kong, that is, being here in the new epicentre, as it were, of the new industries that are growing up around the need to control carbon dioxide emissions.
"China takes the lead over the US in climate-change measures" says today's South China Morning Post" quoting Bloomberg. 

China attracted nearly $US 35 billion in renewables investment last year, double that in the US. By contrast total FDI flows are still bigger to the US than to China. So the markets are telling us where they think the renewables action is. Much of this action owes itself to government incentives. Indeed the incentives are so large that the US is contemplating complaining to the WTO about them. I'm sure the Greenies would have no problem with them, as they promote incentives for all mannear of "Green" industries and in any case they hate the WTO.

Let's leave this topic with these words from UN Diplomat, Christina Figueres:  praising China's initiatives to spur wind and solar power and to cap emissions, she said China has a "outperformed". To the head of the class, Madame China.  We here in the Special Administrative Region of China are proud to be in your class.