Tuesday, 28 December 2010

"Leaning on Conspiracy Theories"

Letter to New York Times, which I covered in more detail in the post immediately before this one.  No doubt will not be published (for a start, they tend not to publish letters about other letters), as they have a very small letters section and don't like to publish stuff critical of Islam.  But, as ever, I hope that the sub-editors read them and that, if referenced and sane, that it may have some impact over time.
Marwan Bishara plays the moral equivalence game with conspiracy theories (“Leaning on Conspiracy Theories”, Letters, 27th December).  Or worse than equivalence: for according to Bishara those about Israel are “not an illusion”, whereas those about Arabs in the US are simply that: conspiracy theories. 
But that’s not right is it?  Consider the examples Bishara gives of conspiracy theories “ripe and spread” in America -- “about Arabs wanting to change America’s way of life; about how they hate America’s for its freedom and liberty...”  and so on.  
There is plenty of evidence from Muslim Brotherhood US documents and other MB-affiliated organisations in the US that there is indeed a considerable body of Arab Islamist opinion that hews exactly to these aims.  To denounce these as mere “conspiracy theories” flies in the face of reality and does damage to America’s ability to protect itself.  
When will moderate Muslims, Arabs or otherwise, accept that there is a poisonous core in some of its doctrine and the need to reform them, rather than lashing out incoherently in manufactured “victimhood” and false moral equivalence?
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For references re the Muslim Brotherhood and related organisations see here.