Friday 31 December 2010

A year's end-compilation of random reports on Islam

Dwindling of persecuted Christians in Holy land most unreported story.  [Here].  Dec 30.

Bill O’Reilly’s Mindslaughter. [Here].  Dec 29.   Quote from the article...
Data (compiled here) from an April 2001 survey performed by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) revealing that 69% of American Muslims in America affirmed that it was "absolutely fundamental" or "very important" to have Salafi (i.e., fundamentalist Islamic) teachings at their mosques, while 67% of respondents agreed with the statement "America is an immoral, corrupt society."  Another poll conducted in Detroit area mosques during 2003 found that 81% of the respondents endorsed the application of the Sharia where Muslims constitued a majority.

No Comparison: Shariah and Jewish Religious Courts. [Here].  Dec 26.

Pamphlet on Obama and Islam.  Spencer and Horowitz. [Here].  Dec 24.
I have previously posted the thought that it is not that 18% of Americans really believe Obama is a Muslim (as reported in various polls), but that it’s a kind of “protest vote”.  That is, the people are saying “yes” to the question “do you believe Obama is a Muslim” only because his speeches actions are entirely consistent with someone who in fact is a Muslim (not that he is one, mind!).  This pamphlet outlines his Islam-related speeches and actions, which the authors argue are in many cases against the interests of the US and western enlightenment.

Bishop Tutu is No Saint When it Comes to Jews. [Here].  Dec 20
Tutu is in “good” company: witness the odious statements about Jews from the egregious Muhammad Mahathir.  Anti-Semitism is now rife in even “educated” circles.

Muslim Aid: Hopeless Charity Commission whitewashes yet another Islamist group. [Here].  Dec 17.
This is confirmation of the concerns about Sharia finance being a source of funds for Islamic charities, which in turn have proven track record of funneling money to Islamist and terrorist groups.  This piece documents the connections in detail.

Rep. Peter King Planning Hearings on Muslim “Radicalization”.  [Here]. Dec 17.
I wonder if this would count as one of my four predictions: that there would be a US Congress enquiry into Sharia?

Jew-Hate in Sweden.  [Here].  14 Dec.
Bruce Bawer if a gay-rights activist and Human Rights activist, US-born, now resident in Oslo.  He’s a polymath multlinguist, who writes well, and often, on Islam.
Yet of course the problem Malmö faces – the problem Europe faces – is not interreligious tensions.  Jews aren’t harassing Muslims.  Jewish kids aren’t beating up Muslim kids. This is a one-way street.  The problem isn’t “tensions,” but the systematic, out-and-out terrorizing of a relatively small, innocent, and powerless group of people by members of another, fast-growing, and increasingly powerful group who despise them and would like to see them eradicated.

Have we really no choice?  Arguments against the burka.  [Here].  Dec 13.
Elsewhere I have argued that the burka is either one of two things: an expression of the wearer’s commitment to a radical form of Islam, or an expression of the pressure brought on the wearer by family and peers who are thusly committed.  It is no more an expression of “empowerment”, as some would argue, than the chains of slaves are empowerment – recalling that many slaves felt comfortable with their chains. (a neo-Stockholm syndrome at work).
In the link above Norwegian writer Hege Storhaug makes an additional point:
A refugee whom I greatly respect, the French-Iranian Chahdortt Djavann, has underscored the crucial significance of the veil for Islamists by describing it as the chief weapon in their war machine.  The higher the number of girls and women they manage to cover with veils, she explains, the more our society will be riddled with symbols of their ideology