Friday, 17 December 2010

"Low-carbon lifestyle within reach, but will Hong Kong grasp the opportunity."

Yet another interesting and exciting article from today's South China Morning Post, with the above headline. It talks of the opportunities for Hong Kong developments to move towards zero carbon emissions. And that would be something to be welcomed on both sides of the climate, especially if you can build these developments even cheaper than conventional ones and they attract a premium in the market.
This ties in with the growing realization that the best actions to combat climate change may be at the local level, not at the Copenhagens or the Cancuns. There was a meeting here in Hong Kong last week of the C40 a group of major cities, exchanging info on how to combat CC. apparently about 70% of GHG emissions are from major cities, so if they get together, as they have just done here, they can have a real impact.

Go cities!