Friday, 17 December 2010

"Scientists seek to unravel the mystery of IQ"

More in the panoply of interesting stories in today's South China Morning Post, is one about China using it's new-found status as owner of the world's fastest Supercomputers, to look into the genetic basis for intelligence.
When I mentioned this to my wife, with the comment that this research was going to make some people queasy. "The Nazis", she said. Exactly. Eugenics and the memories of how they tried to create a master race through selective breeding.  There are therefore understandable sensitivities about doing such research and the article notes that it is not possible to do it in the US or Europe.

"But there's no reason it should not be done", continued my wife. And I think that's right, too.

We are a curious race and now we have the tools to look at the DNA of the nerds and that of we regular folk. And it would be interesting indeed to see if there is something in the DNA, surely?