Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Belgium: First Islamic State in Europe?

The Islam party of Belgium wants to introduce Sharia law

Well, Europe did this to itself. When the Muslim population is in the majority there will be nothing to stop the ISLAM party of Belgium doing what it wants, namely to install Sharia, to which all — Muslim and non-Muslims alike — will have to adhere.  This is not the Europe that we've known and not the Europe that most Europeans (still) want.  Just that their betters, the politicians and people on the Left, have brought it into Europe to show their openness and tolerance.
And when Sharia is installed, the Left will say "oh well, it's democracy, if the majority want it, so be it".  
I've worked in Sharia countries — Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi and Iran — and it's not pretty.
By the way, this also gives the lie to the Left which says that conservatives are hyperventilating when they share concern about Islamisation of Europe. "Bigotry" and "Xenophobia" and "Islamophobia" they say. 
From the summary:

  • The leaders of Belgium's ISLAM Party apparently want to turn Belgium into an Islamic State. They call it "Islamist democracy" and have set a target date: 2030.
  • "The program is confusingly simple: replace all the civil and penal codes with sharia law. Period". — French magazine Causeur.
  • "The European capital [Brussels] will be Muslim in twenty years". — Le Figaro.
LATER: There's news of the ISLAM party in Belgium in this report in Euronews, Islam Party stirs controversy ahead of Belgium election,  26th April.