Pope Francis in the Wilderness | The New York Times | Jason Horowitz

The pope stands up for a blinkered view of Islam, while igorning the
plight of his flock in the middle east

From the New York Times today:

Five years ago, Pope Francis was elected to be an agent of change within a church shaken by scandals and the historic resignation of Benedict XVI. He quickly became a global force in geopolitics, setting the agenda on climate change and care for migrants. World leaders wanted to be near him. Even non-Catholics adored him. [So says the NYT]
Not this non-Catholic.  I consider him a crypto-Marxist and Islamopologist.  A few years ago, in response to the latest murderous Islamic atrocity, one of his own vicars butchered by an Islamic lunatic, and shortly after the Charlie Hebdo islamic atrocities, the pope said something along the lines of "if someone hits my mother i will hit him back".  With this he effectively excused grievance murder and murder of christians.  He has spent far more time excising Islam, than speaking in defence of far-flung catholics in the middle east.
The Gatestone Institute gets it right, from A.Z. Mohamed ("A Muslim born and raised in the Middle East" (!))
Pope Francis seems determined to disseminate a blatant misunderstanding -- even possibly a denial of what is often clearly emphasized in Islam. One wishes that he understood that his belief in God (Jesus), expressed in his prayer -- that can save us from evil, from our "hatred, selfishness, pride, greed, revenge, idolatry" -- is absolutely denied by Islam and Muslims.
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