Sexism in Islam – Aysha Akter

Interesting thoughts from Aysha Akter, a secular Muslim (perhaps ex-Muslim; it's not clear), Bangladesh-born British, mother of three, rising 40.  Her blog "Sexism in Islam".

LATER: I wanted a photo for this post so I went to Mr Google.  Started to type in "sexism in Islam" which is the name of the post I'm linking to by Aysha. 
Here's the interesting thing: I get as far as typing "sexism in I ..." and Google suggests "Israel". Israel! The best place in the Middle East for women. Continue on and add the "S" and it suggests "Sexism in the Isle of Dogs"!  A movie, which I've just seen, much enjoyed, but confess I hadn't been struck by sexism, though I can imagine how the fragile SJWs might find it. After all the female lead is a sexy bitch...  
Carry on to add the "L" and it *still* doesn't suggest "Islam" but the following "Is there sexism in Islam?"  Curious, I clicked on that and found that the articles linked on the first page (which is not as far as the vast majority of searchers go) are apologias: that is, articles denying there is any sexism in Islam!  
For those that doubt there's a leftist agenda at the likes of Google and Facebook, this is proof positive that there is in fact such bias, in this case to hold Islam innocent of any nastiness,
for fear of being labelled Islamophobic, presumably. And I'm guessing this would have to be done by humans not algorithms. 
Anyhoo in the end got the photo.... 

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