Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Cui Tiankai is hopeless

Unusually incompetent. China's ambassadors usually much more effective
Cui Tiankai is China's ambassador to the United States. I just saw him live on CNBC, allegedly presenting China's case in the current trade disputes with the US.
I was mightily disappointed. China has improved its diplomatic corps in the decades I've known it and promoted more PR-savvy representatives.
But not Cui.
He harks back to the boring bureaucrats of yore: a combination of boilerplate, obscurantism and deflection.
We learn nothing of China's stance except duplicitous statements like: China doesn't force technology transfer (it most assuredly does; I've been personally subject to it with joint ventures I did there). Which also begs criticism of CNBC for not being better briefed to counter Cui's lies and obfuscation.