Jeremy Corbyn’s Jewish Problem | City Journal | Theodore Dalrymple

Corbyn gives succour to the worst elements of pro-Palestine
and  the anti-semitism of the British Left
Maybe the best, at least most insightful, comment on the U.K. Labour party's current "problems with anti-semitism". From the always reliable Theodore Dalrymple who should be more widely read.
He ties the bent to anti-semitism with the socialist bent to hate the wealth creators....
A few years ago, a survey appeared breaking down household wealth in Britain by religious affiliation, and Jews came first. For someone as suspicious of and hostile to wealth and the wealthy as Corbyn, whose fundamental economic idea is that money is the product of exploitation, and that equality of outcome is desirable, attainable, and just, it is only natural to suppose that both wealthy individuals and groups must have been up to no good, grabbing by illicit means a larger slice of the economic cake than is theirs, according to his own conception of justice. It is therefore perfectly reasonable, or at least in keeping, for him to be anti-Semitic: he hates none more than the independently successful.

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