Monday, 30 April 2018

Grilling Adventures in Meatless Burgers | SCMP | Bernice Chan

Hong Kong chefs on challenge of selling vegan Impossible Burger to city's meat-lovers | South China Morning Post
This stuff tastes pretty much as awful as it looks.
Though I'm into it for my heart....(I'm a seven-stent man....)
If someone can work out how to make a meatless meat that really tastes like meat — as in, close your eyes, take a chomp, and, boy! that's a beaut burger! type of really-tastes-like-meat — they will change the world and make billions.
So far that's not the case. Having gone vegan for a couple of months (and still "basically" vegan) I can say there's nothing like meat.  Not Quorn, not Linda McCartney's line and seemingly not prof Pat Brown's Impossible Foods Co burger either... 
But he's trying, this ex Stanford professor, and he's worth a go. He's just opened up in Hong Kong with Impossible Foods' first restarurant outside the U.S.. 
Here is professor Brown with some scary news for carnivores:
He says the use of animals to produce food creates more greenhouse gas emissions than all the aeroplanes, boats, cars and trucks combined. Meat production uses more water and creates more water pollution than any other technology, and is the biggest driver of biodiversity loss: in the last five decades, 50 per cent of wild animals have disappeared.
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