Saturday 10 August 2019

Hong Kong protests to Uygur camps: how Chinese students became a subject of scorn. ASIAN VALUES

This is not going away soon. The protesters numbers may be dropping but the divide between Mainland and Hong Kong and Mainland v the west is deepening and not at all nice.  At heart it's a question of values. In its focus on preventing "chaos", Beijing under Xi Jinping has inserted its murky hand across the global sinic diaspora. 
I cross fingers and hope for some sanity. Afraid it'll be a while coming. 
Wu, who declined to provide his real name, is among the 1.5 million Chinese students studying outside the country who have found themselves thrust into the spotlight at university campuses from Australia to New Zealand to Canada. Hong Kong's extradition bill protests, sometimes unruly, have rocked the city since June and have renewed international scrutiny of Beijing's policies.

[btw if you followed this blog you would know about the Muslim Uighur issue and Chinese mistreatments there at least a year ago. Only now it's getting some mainstream coverage].